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Bund Lining & Secondary Cotainment Linings with Oil & Chemically Resistant Protective Coatings

Bund Lining & Secondary Cotainment Linings with Oil & Chemically Resistant Protective Coatings Protective primary and secondary oil and chemical containment area or bund lining coatings, plus protective oil tank and drinking water tank linings - in fact coatings for all types of chemical and liquid containment are provided by NCC throughout the UK.

Please visit our new dedicated bund lining and secondary containment website where you will find extensive information and assistance on standards, requirements and the selection of the right bund lining or protective coating system for your primary or secondary containment project:

This includes our full site inspection and specification service and the provision of all necessary details and specialist materials to seal joints, repair and protect all types of containment areas - both concrete and steel substrates are covered by NCC.

Systems include chemically resistant epoxy coatings and other resin based coatings, together with repair and priming products suitable for application to damp surfaces or to bridge and seal cracks.

The Environment Agency states that: "secondary containment must prevent oil and pollutants escaping. Companies must implement measures to minimise the risk of pollution if leaks should occur. Additionally special coating and lining systems are supplied with full DWI Approval for use in the Water Industry and elsewhere in contact with potable (drinking) water.

NCC can provide guidance and assistance with Risk Assessments, plus the collection and management, then the appropriate containment and storage of all types of oil and other chemicals - particularly in Ground Water Protection zones to prevent environmental pollution.

"Companies must comply with these regulations where oil or fuel is stored in quanities in excess of 200 litres. Note: Contravening this legislation is an offence and the person responsible may be liable to a fine of 5,000!

NCC can provide FREE advice and assistance to ensure that both you and your Company are Legal and not Liable.

If you have protective tank, bund or containment area lining and coating requirements visit our specialist website at or call any NCC Office today.

Pirelli Cable Production
Pirelli Cable Production

Effluent Containment Bund Repaired and Protected

To seal and prevent leakage of chemical effluent to the environment.

NCC were contacted for advice, they inspected the site, and then were able to recommend and supply a Sika Concrete Repair and Containment Lining System. NCC provided a short list of suitably qualified and experienced regional specialist contractors to carry out the works. The project was won and successfully completed by Resitech Ltd.

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